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Healing Candles

Healing Candles

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Whether you're waiting for a Full Moon, New Moon or reading your Horoscope, it’s a must to create the vibe you want by lighting your own aesthetic candle. Candles bring healing, divine, calming energy to any home.


Tap into your intuition at home, with my custom vegan soy wax candles.

My unique designs were crafted during many of my own healing rituals. Allowing me to be my creative self organically.  Thankfully they have brought me much clarity, healing, and a calming lifestyle.


Each candle has its own healing properties.

I C Love, Selenophile, & All I Need Is A Full Moon

I C Love - When you have cleansed your mind, body and spirit, the universe will always provide you with the love you so deserve. Whether you want to attract your twin flame, or put a spark in your love life now, always remember to love yourself first. Aromatic Scent of clean, fresh, high vibration and cotton.

Selenophile - People who are obsessed with the moon.  If you’re like me, you can't get enough of a good moon.  I absolutely love a big full moon and a New Moon. If the Moon can control the ocean, imagine how much the moon has an impact on us humans?  This Candle is for anyone who is obsessed with the moon, a salty ocean and a cool breeze.  Breathe, and visualize you're in Tulum.  Aromatic Sense of Cool Salty sea breeze.

All I Need Is A Full Moon - What do you do when it’s not a full moon?  Do you wish for one? Do you enjoy the new moon? Manifest after cleansing with sage?  This candle has an exquisite blend of Sage and Lavender.  Always be ready for both a New Moon and Full moon. Whatever Moon Phase you vibe with, know you are creating a loving, sweet space that will guide your emotional intelligence. Aromatic Sense - Blossoming Lavender & Sage.

Thank You for visiting by my Boutique.


Have a blessed Day

Love ~Kota


.: Materials: 100% natural soy wax blend, 100% cotton wick and a glass jar.

.: Cruelty-free, vegan, women-owned. 

.: Made in The USA

.: Glossy Label is Custom designed by ME:)

.: Available in three scents Blossoming Lavender Sage, Sea Breeze, and Clean cotton

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