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Cat and Dog inspirational Pet mat

Cat and Dog inspirational Pet mat

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Inspirational Pet food mat both for Cats and dogs.  Good for all types of loyal dogs like a German Shepard, Cane Corso, to small dogs like a chihuahua. This aesthetic mat will keep your pets food tidy.

Like me, I love to connect with my Dog and spoil her. Cats and dogs are loyal, sweet and love cuddles.  As many of you have heard me say, it’s important to connect with animals. We know how important our Cats and Dogs are to us. I don't have to tell you that. Why not include them in your daily routine of mindfulness.  Connect with your pet, I promise it will bring you balance, love and keep you in the moment.  The best place to be.




.: 100% polyester blend front
.: 100% neoprene rubber back
.: One size (12x18)
.: One-sided print
.: Non-slip back
.: Edge-to-edge full color surface

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